Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Toyokawainari Shrine.

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Today I went to Toyokawainari Shrine.

Since 2016 started this is my first visit to a fourth shrine.

It seems there is a god for entertainers at Toyokawainari Shrine so, I come about every year to visit.

There is a place here where you can wash money by putting it into a bowl but,
This time I put some spirit into it and washed Mr. Fukuzawa Yukicihi!

I carefully watched Yukichi-sama so dry it out was hard. Lol

I’ll take care of it throughout this year.


I went with KANA-chan from HEAD SPEAKER but, we forgot to take a two-shot. Lol

Lately we’re together too much. Lol

Tomorrow is the first live of the year!
I’ll put some spirit into it!


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