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9/22 HEAD SPEAKER Record Release Shibuya eggman.

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It’s gotten late..

Yesterday was the best night!

Everyone who came, thank you!

From rehearsal you could really see HEAD SPEAKER’s spirit,
“Wow, Draft King won’t lose either”
my heart starting burning. Lol

Because we were allowed to do so many lives at eggman,
we were able to the band HEAD SPEAKER,
who is always a really important friend.

Because it was such a precious day, for such an important friend,
I’m happy we could congratulate them in the form of a live
with so much spirit.

All of the guests’ power was the greatest!

Everyone who came to eggman, thank you for making it such a great space!

And, once again, congratulations on the record release HEAD SPEAKER!!
Their new song is cool! The MV too!

Just to make one CD is a lot of work, it’s difficult and there are a lot of things that are a pain.
But, thinking that it’ll reach everyone makes one want to work harder.
Music is such a mysterious power.

It’s great.

Draft King also wants to release some music again quickly.

I’m looking forward to October’s eggman live too.

Thank you for the birthday presents!!!


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