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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 35

The season of the Goodbye.

The song “Sayonara no Kisetsu” first appeared in Stereopony’s final album “The Best of Stereopony.”

Just as the title goes, this song is about painful goodbyes. This song is of a love breaking at the juncture of a High School graduation. People choose different paths for themselves. If they are in a romantic relationship with someone, one of the two sometimes gives in but neither can give up on their dreams. At that time, the relationship breaks and ends. A relationship full of tiny memories like a wrinkled shirt from the dirt on the playground to the tree lined street that was the place of a date- all these are bitter-sweet, but is best left in the back of one’s mind.
Even during a relationship, one tries to see as far as we can to be with that person. Which is why when one realizes that they are becoming the hurdle between the person they love and their dream, it’s best to save that person trouble and go their separate ways.

Nonetheless, catching up with that person can either be nice or be full of painful regret or rejection of the reality. Sometimes those wonderful memories can be haunting and painful.

The lyrics and the music are both written by AIMI. It’s a very somber song with equally somber lyrics. The music helps build the tragic end of the story that wonderful memories could turn sour in loneliness. The video unfolds the story of a couple in high school. This song can effectively put across the pain of parting from people one considers close to capture one’s dreams and the feelings of the person left behind in that parting. The words at the end of each chorus ” もう行かなくちゃね” mean “It’s time for me to go” echo out with a lot of emotion, though very softly sung.

So, enjoy Stereopony’s 34th Song of the Week!


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