• Stereopony in Space!

    Stereopony in Space!

    なんと、ステレオポニーの名前が、宇宙に打ち上げられます。 このサプライズイベントを、「ステレオポニー・イン・スペース」と名付けることにしました。 Very Good Days のメンバーで、もうずっとステレオポニーファンの Read More »

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7/10 Hurried eggman.


Original Entry |  The Otodama live was cancelled so, we had a hurried live at eggman! Although it was a sudden announcement the day before, and although the wind from the typhoon was strong, thank you to everyone who came! Today, even though it was at eggman we did an acoustic version. I was sad that it wasn’t the sea of ... Read More »