• Stereopony in Space!

    Stereopony in Space!

    なんと、ステレオポニーの名前が、宇宙に打ち上げられます。 このサプライズイベントを、「ステレオポニー・イン・スペース」と名付けることにしました。 Very Good Days のメンバーで、もうずっとステレオポニーファンの Read More »

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4/21 Osaka LIVE HOUSE D’.


Original Entry |  It’s a bit late but, thank you Osaka! Everyone in Osaka was really spirited and it was really fun! It made me really happy to see everyone’s faces while enjoying themselves. Thank you!! We are touring with our fun, good friends “key”! This times, I couldn’t do anything that was Kansai-like but, I was able to get some ... Read More »