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2008.11.5 DEBUT | Stereopony Discography

Demo Banner

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2008.9.24 DEBUT | Stereopony Discography

Demo Banner

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Arigatou | Stereopony Discography


DESCRIPTION I want to convey something to an important person, rather than regret… “Thank you.” This is based on true experiences of the band and a book that was made into a commercial film. The theme song of the movie A Yell from Heaven (starring Abe Hiroshi, Nanami Sakuraba). It will be released on October 1 on a roadshow. This …

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BEST of STEREOPONY | Stereopony Discography


  This is the release of Stereopony’s first best hits album and the final album! Starting from their smash hit debut single “Hitohira no hanabira” and their song “Namida no Mukou”—that earned them the second position on the Oricon Chart and was the opening theme of Gundam 00—all their anime tie-in songs are included in this fully-loaded album. “Sayonara no …

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Chiisana Mahou | Stereopony Discography


DESCRIPTION I really want to convey this song. Stereopony’s 8th single is a song full of strong feelings. With drummer SHIHO’s tendonitis causing Stereopony to discontinue their nation-wide tour, all the members strived to convey their strong feelings. “We want good songs to reach everyone.” With a little magic, we want our song to reach everyone!!   ORDER ONLINE TODAY

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Draft King Discography Index


Albums     Singles Just say u.r.?   Other Hey My Love

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Hanbunko | Stereopony Discography


DESCRIPTION Stereopony – 2010 Best single!! Stereopony’s 5th single is also a smash hit. The single “Hanbunko” released in 2010. It is the tune that has set forth this band forward with this rock tune. It is a song about a painful love! It is the first cover single!   ORDER ONLINE TODAY

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Hitohira no Hanabira | Stereopony Discography


  A single tear that could drop at any moment is like a single flower petal about to fall. This is the feeling with which Stereopony’s debut single “Hitohira no Hanabira” (A Single Flower Petal) is a fast and emotional rock ‘n’ roll single. Moreover, when a girl breaks off a relationship that is already on the last strand, it …

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Hydrangea ga Saiteiru | Stereopony Discography


  Frivolous rock ‘n’ roll and shocking first album. Stereopony is most remembered for their smash hit “Hitohira no Hanabira” that is still fresh in our memories and for reaching the 2nd position of the Oricon Chart with their original content. The girl band whose members are all born in the Hesei Period (post 8 January 1989), for the first …

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I do it | Stereopony Discography


DESCRIPTION YUI’s first music production! Lyrics by AIMI. The birth of a dream composition. This happened when Stereopony was recording in Okinawa. Their junior YUI came by to visit them on her day off. There they had a jamming session and the song that they came up with is the song “I doo it.” “I’m not scared of anything…” are …

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