Monday, July 24, 2017
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touch my secret live report

touch my secret

Very Good Days member Drahc and was able to attend a touch my secret live show on March 13. Here’s his report! Performing at Osaka’s アメリカ村 DROP (America-mura), touch my secret [] rocked an intense set in support of funnySkash’s [] first full album. Being one of several bands scheduled to take the stage, touch my secret began their set …

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Photo from the VGD Draft King Fan Meeting

2F4U2236 Banner

One month ago Very Good Days hosted a private fan meeting event with Draft King at Otakon 2015. Today, we would like to share the group photo from the event. We have been hard at work making a special Very Good Days Magazine release that covers our full experience at Otakon 2015. Here is a short excerpt:   They say …

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Say Hello to: touch my secret

say hello tms3

Ready for a band with a dynamic sound featuring two lovely leading ladies and a kickass drummer guy? If so, then you’re ready for touch my secret! A new up-and-coming band, touch my secret features three amazing musicians: Anne (Vo&Gt), Chloe (Ba&Cho), and Louie (Dr). Despite their relatively young ages, this band brings to the scene a dynamic and intense …

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Say Hello to: Rick Rack

say hello rick rack3

Rick Rack is a 3-piece girl band from Nara prefecture. The band started out in August of 2013 with only two members: SERINA on guitar and YOU on bass who were both high school students from the same school. Natsuki then officially joined them as their drummer, October of 2013. The girls’ average age is 17.5 and was just playing together for just …

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Say Hello to: SHISHAMO

Say Hello Dimmed

Are you looking for a band with a hard hitting, uplifting rock sound and a mixture of soft mellow blues, topped up with an incredibly sweet voice? Then SHISHAMO is the band for you! SHISHAMO is a 3-piece Japanese girl band that was formed by high school students in their Light Music Club. The first formation consisted of Miyazaki Asako …

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Poll: Favorite Draft King Member


It’s been a while since the last poll. Between now and then, Draft King’s vocalist and guitarist, Hiddy, had left the band, which leaves just Erica, Mao, Nohana, and Shiho. Among all the Draft King members, Nohana and Shiho were the most popular due to their status as ex-Stereopony members. Mao was also a familiar face to those who attended …

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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 37


Falling Star The song “Nagareboshi” first appeared in Stereopony’s 4th Single “Smilife”. Walking along the unending road, it suddenly starts raining and despite the rain, letting it soak into the skin and noticing someone’s smile reflected in a puddle, there’s a realization that nothing’s permanent. There are days when we feel like all that’s left of our lives is a …

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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 36


Wolf. The song “Wolf” first appeared in Stereopony’s eleventh single “Stand By Me”. The song is a cover of Serial TV Drama’s song. The song is a very direct attack on a cowardly scheming person. Being like a lazy wolf and acting blindly to avoid a battle is the easy way out of a confrontation. This a direct shout-out to …

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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 35


The season of the Goodbye. The song “Sayonara no Kisetsu” first appeared in Stereopony’s final album “The Best of Stereopony.” Just as the title goes, this song is about painful goodbyes. This song is of a love breaking at the juncture of a High School graduation. People choose different paths for themselves. If they are in a romantic relationship with …

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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 34


SMILIFE Smilife is Stereopony’s 4th Single. The word SMILIFE is a stylized way of saying “it’s my life” and that’s exactly the theme of this song. Drawing the energy from life, friendship and the drive to go beyond one’s limits are the messages of this song. Smilife’s lyrics talk about how our shortcomings and failures can be taken as a …

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