Monday, July 24, 2017
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SHISHAMO releases “Natsu no Koibito”


SHISHAMO released their 5th single “Natsu no Koibito”[Summer Lover] on September 7. “Natsu no Koibito” is SHISHAMO’s first ballad single yet still manages to preserve their mellow, upbeat sound. The artwork for the single jacket is drawn by Asako as usual. The single is being sold for 1,000 yen and contains two tracks: “Natsu no Koibito” and the coupled song …

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Draft King announces auditions for their next vocalist!

CrMkDJnUAAAvcwr - Copy

Draft King has begun auditions to find their new vocalist! Details for said auditions have been released by Draft King through Twitter and provide a glimpse of what to expect from here on out. Draft King is looking for: – A 15-25 year old female (consent of guardian is needed for those under 20) – Someone who loves to sing …

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Rick Rack Digest Part I: Hiatus


Although some time has passed, Rick Rack has returned from their hiatus and have returned to their live activities. In order to clear the lack of information on their activities, this post will be the first of a two part series of Rick Rack digests. The first covering the hiatus and the next covering their activities since their comeback at …

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AIMI Comeback Update


To anyone that has been intently following AIMI waiting for any sign of a comeback, this year has been the most exciting by far since the dissolution of Stereopony. Any lack of news coming from AIMI has directly correlated with lack of material on her personal Twitter account which was formerly the only source of information for fans. That’s why …

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Draft King Activity Digest


Despite the lack of flashy news such as releases or tours, Draft King has remained hard at work. These past 5 months they have continued performing lives in new venues alongside bands they have not played with before. Some of these lives have led them to play with big names and at bigger venues, namely the lives they have participated …

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touch my secret live report

touch my secret

Very Good Days member Drahc and was able to attend a touch my secret live show on March 13. Here’s his report! Performing at Osaka’s アメリカ村 DROP (America-mura), touch my secret [] rocked an intense set in support of funnySkash’s [] first full album. Being one of several bands scheduled to take the stage, touch my secret began their set …

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Draft King to stream live Tour Final at Shibuya WWW


Draft King will be streaming live their Tour Final performance at Shibuya WWW for fans worldwide!!! Be sure to watch at 10/22(Thu) 19:00 ~21:00 (JST) [GMT+9] You can see the live by going to:

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Photo from the VGD Draft King Fan Meeting

2F4U2236 Banner

One month ago Very Good Days hosted a private fan meeting event with Draft King at Otakon 2015. Today, we would like to share the group photo from the event. We have been hard at work making a special Very Good Days Magazine release that covers our full experience at Otakon 2015. Here is a short excerpt:   They say …

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Otakon, Draft King Concert Sneak Peek


Missed Draft King’s first concert in America? Here’s a sneak peek of the concert from this weekend. Keep an eye out for our full report and even more photos! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available. Photo courtesy of Eddie Lai (White Specs Photography).

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Say Hello to: touch my secret

say hello tms3

Ready for a band with a dynamic sound featuring two lovely leading ladies and a kickass drummer guy? If so, then you’re ready for touch my secret! A new up-and-coming band, touch my secret features three amazing musicians: Anne (Vo&Gt), Chloe (Ba&Cho), and Louie (Dr). Despite their relatively young ages, this band brings to the scene a dynamic and intense …

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