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AIMI Biography



Real Name: Haraguni Aimi (原国 愛海)
Birthday: September 4th 1990
Hometown: Naha, Okinawa
Blood Type: A

Aimi was born on 4 September 1989 in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. She is a vocalist and a guitarist.

Aimi was the lead vocalist for Stereopony, and wrote the majority of the music and lyrics for Stereopony. She usually writes the music before the lyrics, and sometimes has to force herself to write music. She says her melodies sometimes come from humming to herself on train rides home from work or long walks.
Unlike Nohana, Aimi was nervous about getting up on stage and doing this for a living until she saw how much fun the audience was having and how it made them happy.
Her favorite song to perform live was “Hoshikizu Cantera” from Over the Border, because she loved to watch the people dance to it.
She says that she writes lyrics based on what she wants to share with people, and wrote the lyrics to “Hitohira no Hanabira” so that people could relate. She also wrote “Chiisana Mahou” to show appreciation to their fans. She says that her lyrics come from her own experiences and imagination. She writes about the things that make her happy or sad or about things that happen in her day to day life.

Aimi lists Judy and Mary, specifically lead singer Yuki, as her main influence musically. She is also inspired by songs from the Showa Era.


Aimi served as the vocalist and main guitarist for Stereopony from their formation. In October 2012, Stereopony announced on Facebook that they were disbanding. After a one-man live at Club Quattro on the 6th, the band held their STEREOPONY Lovers Xmas Live Final event at Shibuya WWW, and their final performance a few nights later on the 26th.

Aimi demonstrated her desire to continuing with music and on May 3, 2013 at Shibuya HOME, Aimi began her solo career, covering YUI’s “Good Bye Days” and playing three brand new songs. Aimi declared the live a thank you to all those who had always supported her. Although we know that Aimi performed three brand new songs at her live debut, little details are known about these songs.

Taking a break Aimi headed to her hometown in Okinawa where she performed in two live events. When she returned to Tokyo she announced that she would be representing Fender as the ladies model and released some promotional pictures.

On April 2014, Aimi looked to renew her solo activities in earnest, revealing a website and various other social media outreach. She also announced a live title “Twinkle Communication” in June. Shortly afterwards Aimi made another important announcement, on May 24th the formation of “Alice in Underground” was formed. It was a two man unit comprising of Aimi and serial TV drama’s former guitarist Arai Hiroki centered on zombie imagery and zombie-themed music. Alice in Underground (AiU) would go on to contribute the majority of Aimi’s activities with a live, various radio appearances, and even a duo release on December 24, 2014. These two releases “Escape Towards the Love Zone” and “Counter Attack of the Party Zombies” would become Aimi’s first two releases since the dissolution of Stereopony to date. In 2015, among rumblings of the release of an album, AiU mysteriously disbanded.

Aimi then became more active on social media in 2016 leading up to the reveal of a new artist picture and the reveal of new music through Twit Casting and Youtube. She also has a live scheduled on her birthday 9/4 during which many fans are anticipating a reveal and more details on her solo activities from this point forward.