Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Special Return!!!

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Hellllo evveryyonnneee
I am writing from Tokyo at which the steaming heat still remains today. _φ( ̄ー ̄ )

Now then, I introduced it yesterday,
relating to AIMI’s first crowd funding,
do you now understand what
“crowd funding” and “returns” are?
There are plenty of returns for this project like the Gift CD Course and the Promoter Squad Course!

Today, I would like to introduce a special return.

I’m rather impatient but, this is a hobby I am challenging recently nonetheless.


Holding earth in my hands and being able to shape it into something is really interesting and I’ve grown pretty attached to it.
I wonder what kind of food matches with these utensils?
There is also the feeling you get imagining the result and seeing the result,
because there is only one in the world, I pile on a lot of stress thinking about how it might break.

I will make the ceramics I have made a return

(This is one I have already made.

For an image, I tried drawing this on it

(Before it has been heated.
*In the end, its only an image

Special return
AIMI Handmade Ceramic Course

This will be a limited amount course so please look forward to it!
I made each and every one of them by putting my heart into it!
In what shape, and with what design should I make them?☺️✨
I wonder what would be good?

AIMI’s first crowd funding is scheduled to begin on 9/4 at noon.
One year from the resumption live at DESEO mini.
Even now, I clearly remember that day.
even though, for sure. I’m sure this 9/4 will be a special day too

From here on out lets all look forward to it with the hashtag “#AIMIフルアル” [#AIMIFullAlbum]♪

And, I also have one more notification
On Sunday 9/3, at about 12:00~
I’ll be doing a LINE LIVE✌️!!!!
Let’s connect with the last LINE LIVE of the 26 year old AIMI
I will be doing “that” on this LINE LIVE~
By all means, take part in comments during the live broadcast!

Please friend me on LINE and download the LINE LIVE App❣️


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