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What I can do now.

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Next week is finally the Draft King-led live!

Even though we don’t have a vocalist,

we want to continue playing Draft King’s sound

so we decided to hold this project live.

So many great friends agreed to perform

for Draft King which is in a pinch.

I’ll introduce all of the performances today.

Split BoB

The truth is, after the announcement of Draft King’s vocalist withdrawal, we received an invitation from Bob to perform at one of their project lives.

Truth be told, receiving an invitation in the state we were in made me extremely happy,
and I did want to do a live together but,
we couldn’t make it happen,,,

that’s why, this time, I really wanted to invite them to Draft King’s project lives.

It will be my first time seeing them in a while so I’m happy.

Chelsy or ChelKing

The band I always think of right away when I think of who to play with Chelsy.

This time around, AMI-chan will be busy with a theater job so they unfortunately wont be making a full appearance but,,

But they thought about how they would be able to perform for us,
and decided to form a special limited to this day ChelKing (MIO,SHIZUKA,SHIHO,MAO)!

I wanted to be a ChelKing member too. Lol


We also received an invitation from Shinamayu but the timing didn’t work out and we couldn’t do it.

There was that but I really love Shinamayu’s personality and sound so I sent them an offer.

“If Moriyui could sing a Draft King song, I’d want her to sing this”, before I even knew they would be playing with us, I had that selfish delusion,
And the song Moriyui wanted to sing the most was the same one as the one I wanted to her sing, so it seemed like fate. Lol

Robin-chan (Ciao Bella Cinquetti)

Ciao Bella which Draft King has been able to support throughout their tour.

So after all that, I wanted us to do something together and made the offer for a guest vocalist.

Robin-chan is the one that is most likely to get everyone fired up and lead during a Ciao Bella live,
so I’m really looking forward to Robin-chan being able to sing by herself.

Even during the Ciao Bella Tour, she practiced with us backstage by humming.


Once we decided we would do a guest vocalist live, the one person I thought we definitely had to call was KANA-chan.

She agreed to perform for us in two responses.

Even though we’ve never performed together, I already have a sense of security. Lol

I’m looking forward to hear KANA-chan sing for the first time in a while and,
I’m looking forward to it even more now that it’s at a Draft King concert!

Great bands,
and great guest vocalists.

Each and everyone of them has their own appeal and
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of Draft King comes out of it!

There are plenty of thing you will only be able to see on this day so,
everyone, please don’t miss it!!

9/29 (Thu) Shibuya eggman
Draft King + 1 LIVE Anyhow SHOW!!

Draft king
Split BoB

※Draft king guest vocalists
Fukuda “Robin” Shouko (Ciao Bella Cinquetti)
MIO (Chelsy)
Koharu(Split BoB)
Moriyui (Shinamayu)

Doors: 18:15 Performance: 18:45
Preorder: 2500 yen Day-of: 3000 yen


Live decided!

10/10(Mon・Holiday) Shimokitazawa MOSAiC
Cute Girls Live Spinoff Project ~Still too early for Road to NAON no YAON 2017!~

Only the 3 of us will be performing on this day!!


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