Saturday, January 20, 2018
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My Birthday.

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I reached my 27th birthday!

This year,
we celebrated the day before on the 15th and had a countdown to my birthday.

The people were those I’ve been hanging out with a lot lately and have become the staple gang♡

Entasu, MAO, and KANA-chan.

They surprised me and we celebrated at a stylish place.

Happy. Fun. Happiness.

It’s mysterious how we all became good friends but
When we’re together we don’t hold back at all and since they’re all funny, they’re people I love.

They all were party people for me. Lol

I’m grateful for such great friends♡

thank you very much to everyone who set me a birthday message♡

Every year I receive so much happiness from everyone.

There are various issues but,

without wavering, without forgetting to have fun,

I will continue to live together with my bass for my 27th year!

Please take care of NOHANA from now on as well!!!

Nohappi \(^o^)/


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