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SHISHAMO releases “Natsu no Koibito”

SHISHAMO released their 5th single “Natsu no Koibito”[Summer Lover] on September 7.
“Natsu no Koibito” is SHISHAMO’s first ballad single yet still manages to preserve their mellow, upbeat sound. The artwork for the single jacket is drawn by Asako as usual.

The single is being sold for 1,000 yen and contains two tracks: “Natsu no Koibito” and the coupled song “Koi ni Ochiru Oto ga Kikoetara” [If you hear the sound of someone falling in love] .
A B2 poster was also being offered to those who preordered the single at a Tower Records store. The poster featured pictures taken of the girls in their hometown of Kawasaki by Kawashima Kojima.
A music video was also uploaded for the single on September 7th however it remains unavailable for overseas viewers.

“Natsu no Koibito” is SHISHAMO’s first single since the release of their album “SHISHAMO 3” earlier this year in March and with the end of festival season, we can look forward to more material and activities from SHISHAMO.


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  1. For the record, “overseas” isn’t really accurate, because all of their videos play fine in Canada. I think the U.S. is the only place they’re blocked.