Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Live Announcements.

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Hello and good morning

I spoke about it a bit at the 9/4 live but, various lives performances have been decided from now on
so, to those who can fit it into their schedules, grab a ticket and please come to visit
I’ll be waiting

“make a fist”

【Date】10/4/2016 (Tues)
【Venue】Daikanyama LOOP
・Manami Norisa
・The Mass Missile

Pre order ticket 2900yen+1Drink600yen
Same day ticket 3,400yen+1Drink600yen
*Tickets can be reserved on this web page


【Date】10/25/2016 (Tues)
【Venue】Roppongi SuperDeluxe
・Kominami Chiaki

Pre order tickets 3,300yen+1Drink700yen
Same day tickets3,800yen+1Drink700yen….8A43E9F267F84B9D072DDDD.m364?uid=NULLGWDOCOMO
*You can purchase tickets at this web page

“SOGO PR.1207”

【Venue】Shibuya STAR LOUNGE
【Time】OPEN18:00〜 / START18:30〜
・Kikuchi Ryouta
・Matsumuro Seiya
【Tickets】¥1,000- ※Drinks seperate
Note: If you watch from start to finish, you get 1000 yen back
Questions: SOGO TOKYO 03-3405-9999
*Requests for early ticket reservations are being taken at this webpage


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