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Draft King performs with vocalist erica for the last time

As previously announced, Draft King played their last live with erica as their vocalist. The live “Draft King One Man Live ~A Live is Only Once~” took place on 8/7 at Shibuya eggman and there are a number of noteworthy things that took place (besides the aforementioned).
First, Draft King announced their first live DVD shortly before the live. The DVD comes with footage of the last performance of last years tour. It also comes with a new, never before seen special version “Abracadabra” music video. The DVD costs 3,000 yen and can unfortunately only be purchased at their live shows.

Draft King also held a raffle with some extremely valuable and rare prizes up for grabs. The raffle cost 500 yen per ticket with a maximum of four tickets. Some of the prizes included the band members’ personal effects such as Erica’s mic stand, MAO’s effector board, and SHIHO’s snare heads. There were also CD’s of never before released Draft King songs (including “Electric” and “Mangetsu”) and a single copy recording of Nohana’s radio program NohaRaji which was up until recently on air on Nagasaki FM.


Despite the sad news of Erica’s departure from the band, all the band members seemed to be in good spirits. They unexpectedly announced a project live for September 29, during which they will be playing with guest vocalists including (formerly)HEAD SPEAKER’s KANA, Chelsy’s Mio, Ciao Bella Cinquetti’s Robin, and Split Bob’s Koharu. There will also be a performance by “ChelKing” (Chelsy x Draft King)

Although they are in a disadvantaged position, Draft King shows little intention of slowing down. The vocalist spot which needs to be filled will no doubt define the new Draft King but with Nohana, Shiho, and Mao still on board, there is little chance that Draft King will not continue making great music. Please look forward to their future activities and continue to support the girls!



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