Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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By myself.

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All of everyone’s words, all of them, have reached me.

Thank you for the comments and tweets.

I was asked
“Will you be doing any lives besides the 8/7 one?”

It’s a shame but,
nothing other than that is set.

As for me, I’m already suffering from the shortage of lives,
I want to show everyone more but,
my opinion alone wont fix anything.

And my selfish eagerness is of no use either. Lol


So I want you to come

to eggman on 8/7.

I’ll smash everything into this one day.0

A one-time live.

In a one-time only life.

So we just have to have fun!!!!

8/7 (Sun) Shibuya eggman
Draft King One man LIVE ~ Live Is Only Once ~
Pre-order: 3,000-
17:00 Doors/17:30 Performance

6/18(Sat)~6/30(Thu)FC Priority Sale
7/2 (Sat)General Sale begins


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