Saturday, January 20, 2018
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I haven’t done anything that you would do on a three day weekend but

the fact that I forgot today is Monday is definitely the three day weekend’s fault.

I wonderfully missed the last episode of Getsu 9 I was keeping up with and looking forward to..

Well, I recorded it so I can safely watch it.

I don’t really watch TV but I do watch dramas quite a bit.

The drama I’ve been looking forward to every week getting to its last episode is a bit lonely.

“The end is the start”

meaning, I’m looking forward to the Spring dramas.


Draft King Project Live Final!

Finally, the 24th of this week!

I’ll play a lot of bass.

Even though I remember its all frantic.

It will definitely be a fun day so,

Please! Please! Please!

Come and visit.


I’ll be waiting for correspondence to NohaRaji!


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