Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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A Special Day.

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It’s September starting today.

Out of all the seasons, summer is my favorite but,
Personally September might be my favorite month.

It’s my birthday month after all. Lol

And an important live has also been decided!

10/13(Wednesday) Shibuya eggman
Draft King Record tour 2015 ~This is me. This is Draft King ~ Semi Final!!
Draft King / and more…

Draft King is returning to eggman!!!

The Record Release Tour’s Semi Final is at eggman!

In addition, this day,
Is also the booking manger Kubo-chan’s

Let’s have a grand time
At a stop on Draft King’s precious tour together!

This day might be a day more special than others!

Come visit at our precious eggman!!!!

I’ll be waiting!!!

The September edition of eggman’s free paper is being distributed.

This month our article is an America report.

There are each of our memories along with lots of pictures.

Check it out.


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