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8/22 Tower Mini Tokyo Station Yaechika Entrance.

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Draft King Record Release tour 2015
~This is me. This is Draft King~

Everyone who came to the Tokyo Station Tower Records Mini Yaechika Entrance Store
Thank you!

Tokyo station is so big,
I got lost on my way to the Tower Records.
But a kind security guard gave me a map
He politely told me how get there and I was able to reach it safely.

The kindness of people really seeped in.

I was really happy that
a lot of people who were passing by
stopped to listen to Draft King’s music.

I even saw the people behind us.
Of course the people in the front too.

Thank you for all
clapping a lot together.

During our lunch break,
While everyone was eating omuraisu,
I ate a steak, and my spirits welled up.

we will be appearing on Shinshuu TV’s “24 Hour TV”!

8/23 (Sunday)
TV Shinshuu 11:27~12:27 Live Broadcast
“24 Hour TV~Love will Save the World~” “TSB Heartful Stage PART1”

Everyone from Nagano, please watch!

At about 17:50 in the afternoon
we will be doing a live at Nagano City, Wakasato Park!

We will also be appearing on the “Ending” live broadcast
from Nagano as well!

You can see “Ending” throughout the country so
please check it out.


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