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“This is me.” Revealed!

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7/22 (Wednesday) 3rd Single
This is me.

Release decided!!

We’ve made you wait!
It’s about 1 month later.
I’m happy we could finally announce it.

A really, really, wonderful product has been made!

akkin-san made a new arrangement for us so
it’s changed into a more impactful
arrangement than the one in the lives!

This is, seriously, really, cool!!

And, Torii Miyuki is, once again,
directing our MV for us!

Torii-san’s Lolita figure was really cute♡

This is me.
You can watch a bit of the MV now so,
please watch it ok? Look forward to the full version too.

Pay attention to the new sound too!

And, this time around
the popteen model Ochi Yurano is gracing the jacket!

First press

Regular edition

I’ll write the details on the first press and regular editions again later
Next time I’ll write in detail ok?

Yurayura is too cute in white♡

She is also appearing in the MV for us!
You have to check it out.

And, and!!

Bringing along “This is me.”
we will start a country-wide one man tour in August!

Draft King Record Release tour 2015
~This is me. This is, Draft King ~
The tour dates are here

We’ll be coming to meet a lot of you so
please come meet us as well!!

It’s still a bit ahead but,
but it’ll probably come in no time at all,
the tour final is,,,

10/22 (Wednesday)
Shibuya WWW

One man Live!

I definitely want everyone to come to this too so
clear up your schedule now!!!

The CD jacket, the MV shooting
Our feelings towards “This is me.”, the coupling songs,
talk going towards the country-wide tour, etc

There are a lot of feeling I want to express but,
But I’ll steadily talk about them
heading towards the release, ok?

This is me.

7/22, Look forward to the release!!!


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