Saturday, January 20, 2018
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teena Girls’ Party Vol.2

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Yesterday was teena Girls’ Party Vol.2,
at ESP Music Academy!

Thank you to everyone who came!

Silent Siren

Everyone was cool!

Girl bands are the best.

I’m happy that there were a lot of people who saw Draft King for the first time.
I wonder if everyone had fun?

I had too much fun since it was my first band live in a long time!

I was happy because of all the kind guests and the great life space.,

Love Hinanchu♡
Going out with Hinanchu is a GW [Golden Week] tradition but, lol

this year I was so happy we could do a live together!

Seeing Saisai [Silent Siren] for the first time in a while and being backstage with them was fun.

since the event ended early yesterday,
I went tot eat THIS with Hinachu and Ainyan.


It’s richness is the best♡

After that
I went to go drink with Ainyan who hadn’t had enough to drink!

Both of use lost our bass posture and were walking really funny, Lol

It was a fun and full day.

It feels like a proper GW.


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