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Seibu Funabashi Store, Tsudanuma Store.

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“Draft King TOWER RECORDS INSTORE tour 2015
~With Draft King, Okuru Kotoba will reach the entire country~”


Everyone from the Seibu Funabashi Store, thank you very much!

We were able to play on such a wide outdoor stage.

I’m glad it was sunny.
A live under the sun feels good!

Speaking of Funabashi, Funasshi!

I thought I would be able to see him if I came to Funabashi but Funasshi was busy so he wasn’t there.

And, with MAO

Hyahaaaa!! Lol

Yes, and


Everyone from the Tsudanuma Store, thank you very much!

The big logo was great!

A girl that had a mini-Draft King with her was cute.

We also met a middle school girl who just started playing the bass.

I remember each and every person.

So come and see us again at a live!

5/9 (Saturday)
Shibuya Tower Records B1 CUTUP STUDIO
Tour Final!

Look forward to it!!


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