Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Everyday’s a battle.

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Achooooo!! [*Sneeze if that wasn’t clear]


(The “Ah-ahhhhh” after the sneeze is one of my verbal habits. Lol)

I wake up with pollen and go to sleep with pollen.

It’s tough.

Today was rehearsal.

The pollen is tough for the older unit.
Because we brought a box of tissues to the studio.
We were blowing our noses so much they began to hurt..

This weekend is a live at Kashiwa ThumbUp!
The time we’ll have will be long so we’ll play plenty!
The other bands are wonderful too so come and visit.

We’ will be intruding on the Tower Records
Chiba Store, Kawasaki Store, and Yokohama Store with out lives!

I’m happy we have three lives this weekend.

Please look at the following info our on our official page for specifics.


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