Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Chikai no Uta.

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I was thinking I could talk about “Chikai no Uta” the coupling track on “Okuru Kotoba”.

This song is one of the new songs we made approximately 1 year ago, heading towards the one man live at Shibuya QUATTRO.
The A melody is very ska-like and it was a new melody that Draft King didn’t have before.

At first it wasn’t very Draft King-like I guess, and I did wonder if it was ok but,
when I saw all of our guests listening to it very happily,
I thought “Draft King can do this type of music too”
and my outlook got wider.

Now it’s one of our live staple songs and
when I see everyone waving their hands and having fun,
I have fun performing as well.

It’s a song that all of us raised together.

The lyrics,
I think that there are various ways they can be taken depending on the person but,
I wrote it thinking of everyone who supports us.

We can stand on stage because everyone is there and,
I want to continue with music from here on out.
It was a song made while thinking of these types of things.

Whether it’s a friend or a lover,
you can sing this song to an important person.

It’s different than “Okuru Kotoba” but it still perfectly fits this period of time.
Im glad we released the CD with this combination.

Listen to the coupling “Chikai no Uta” a lot too ok?

And then, lets all sing it at the lives to get pumped up!


Today was a meeting for Live B♪
I’m looking forward to filming this week.

Ah, I also went to a beauty salon.

I did some coloring for the first time in a while too.
Of course I kept my black hair.

Tomorrow is Kumagai HEAVEN”S ROCK!

I’m looking forward to our first band live in a while!


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