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Flying Get day to send.

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March 3, Hinamatsuri♡

And on this day we will be doing radio recordings from the morning

Thank you very much to Fukushima Wakana who is our senior at the same company!

In the afternoon we went to the studio.

At the next in-store live we want to play different songs so we did acoustic practice.

And, and,
it is the flying get day from “Okuru Kotoba”!

that said, all of the reports that people got the CD on Twitter and such have made me as happy as I can be.

What I wanted to send to everyone’s side is properly reaching everyone.
I’m really happy. Thank you.

I hope that when “Okuru Kotoba” goes on sale tomorrow
it can reach a lot of people!

And also, big news!

Tomorrow, 3/4 (Wednesday)10:25~11:30
On the weather corner of Nippon TV “PON!”,
a Draft King appearance is scheduled!
(Because it is a live broadcast, the contents of the program may be updated)

On the home page, Draft King’s name is being featured!!
Yikes. I’m so happy.

Check out (Nippon) TV for Draft King tomorrow from the morning!!


Draft King is being featured on
the April Edition of De☆view!

I finally got it as well!

Make sure to check it out everyone.


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