Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Draft King One man LIVE ~mission ZERO~

Thanks to everyone, the tickets have been SOLD OUT!
Thank you very much.
I’m so happy.

The show having been SOLD OUT isn’t for our sakes,
It’s scenery we want to show to the fans, the staff, and everyone who has supported us.

I’m looking forward to seeing the scenery of only Draft King fans cluttered inside eggman.
I’m happy that those who have always supported us will be able to feel the stage and the space in love house.

Ah just by imagining it I start grinning.

One week left until the one man!

Not being able to wait until the 17th, SHIHO and I went to go visit eggman. Lol

We had a toast to commemorate being SOLD OUT. Lol

I love eggman. Lol

The 17th is building up to be an unforgettable night at my beloved place.

We’ll definitely make it into the greatest day.

Yeah, I swear.


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