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Draft King signs contract with Sun Music

We have learned that Draft King has signed a contract with the large entertainment office Sun Music. It will be Sun Music’s first time signing a girls rock band since their founding 47 years ago.

Sun Music will be passing 47 years since its formation, many talentos and comedians such as becky, cunning Takeyama, Sugichan, and Tsukamoto Takashi are members, there are also musicians such as Miyako Harumi the enka singer.

Draft King was formed in Janurary 2013. After the disbanding of Stereopony, which was the first girls band completely born in the Heisei period to achieve a 2nd place ranking in the Oricon weekly charts, Stereopony’s NOHANA(Bass) and SHIHO(Drums)formed the band Draft King. 。MAO(Guitar) who was Stereopony’s support guitarist and erica(Vocal) who was selected through auditions both joined and activities began in earnest. Although they were independent they increased their fans quite a bit and only one year after their formation, made their one man at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO a success.


Regarding the signing with Sun Music NOHANA commented “Since it is an agency with so many famous people, I’m excited. We will do our very best so our music can reach much more people”. SHIHO commented “We have been given a connection that we can be thankful for. We will desperately do our best so as not to lose to any of our seniors.”

After receiving this news, we got a comment from Draft King’s deep friend TAKUYA(ex:JUDY AND MARY).

From the time I previously did a live with Draft King,
I liked their performance, their songs, the seriousness of their effort, and their pop-like style,
I was supporting them thinking “It is only a matter of time before they go out into the world” but
They finally signed with an agency! And it is also Sun Music’s first girls band
It is “sounds good” news!
I expect them to continually keep running up in this manner!
If they have any trouble making songs they can always come and consult with me so do your best!


Draft King has renewed their official site and have revealed a new artist picture. The members along with their mascot “Draft Giraffe” display a surreal image. And this year on December 17 (Wednesday), a one man live at Shibuya eggman has been decided. They have also invited Sugi-chan, a performer from the Sun Music Agency to appear. Ticket pre-orders are now under sale starting November 5 (Wednesday) on the official site.

Original Article by beeast69
Translated by CrimsonKnight4


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