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10/11 Osaka MINAMI WHEEL 2014.

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Thank you for yesterday MINAMI WHEEL 2014!

Draft King’s second MINAMI WHEEL!

And it was our first Osaka live in a while!

It was too fun and too wild,,
My body is breaking down. Lol

MINAMI WHEEL was the best!!

We also played a new song!
How was it?
I want to throw my hands up and have fun with everyone!
I want to grow through a lot more lives from here on out.

MINAMI WHEEL exclusive Gach Gacha!
Is there anyone that got one?

As soon as we arrived in Osaka we went to grill! Lol
Koga-Ryu !
I wanted to eat more

On the way back I ate a matcha and vanilla soft serve at a service area,

Tomorrow is at Shibuya eggman,
a wonderful eggman family gathering live!

The typhoon’s getting close but we wont lose.
Everyone who is coming be careful on the way here!
I’ll be waiting!


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