Thursday, February 22, 2018
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A visit home.

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I visited my hometown Shimabara.

This is the elementary school I attended.
(You cant really see but, it’s the white one in the back. And, they recently rebuilt a building so it’s different than when I attended…Lol)

I went back after doing the Glico tune down the long stairs.

I suddenly tried fishing.

The results: I didn’t catch anything at all…Lol
All I got was sunburn from the scorching sun.

It was really hot! [In Higo accent] (It was really hot) [Translation to Tokyo accent]

I tried putting on armor at Shimabara Castle like a tourist.

It seems it weighed about 10 kilograms!

It was a short stay but, I really made it an intense, complete stay; I was really refreshed.

I haven’t really come back home during summer recently so, it was a fresh feeling.

On the airplane we teleported instantly and
the gap from the countryside and the city
always gives me a bit of culture shock. Lol

But, that is definitely a good thing since I get some motivation.

Tokyo, I’m home.

Now, I’ll do my best!


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