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7/26 Shibuya eggman.

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Yesterday we were here.

Everyone who came to eggman, thank you!

Since it was a band we hadn’t played with in a while,
I had too much fun and went too wild so,
I have muscle pain all over my body.. Lol

As I thought lives are fun!
You can forget your depressions and irritations too.
It’s a magical place.

We get along well with everyone from the other band so,
From the start to the end, there was a great “at home” atmosphere.

It was a spiral of happiness. Lol

Once again, happy birthday Ryuu-kun!

With Seika-chan too♡

I was happy when I heard “The person who is loved by the one you love” for the first time in a while.
I love Savannah’s songs the most.

With that girl Harenone♡

I love the times I eat lunch with this girl. Lol

Now then, the next live is finally the self-organized live!

It’s about a month away so you’ll have to wait but,
Lengthen your neck [Expression meaning to “Look forward to something eagerly”] and

Like a giraffe! Lol

I’m looking forward to it too much as well!


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