Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Abracadabra MV

Thank you for the ten thousand views!!!

That’s proof it’s reaching everyone.
I’m happy.
Thank you very much.

Next let’s do our best add one more zero!!!




This scene halfway through is cool, I love it.

If you look closely you can see we all shot it in different places
Erica was in front of the shoe rack.

The day we shot it on was one of the first ten days of January so shooting in front of a shoe rack was pretty sad.

I was, in what looked like a multi-purpose room with a wooden wall.
As for SHIHO and MAO, I forgot. Lol


There are still plenty of MV offshoots I haven’t posted is, maybe Ill post them up now.
There are plenty of rare uniform pictures. Lol



Keep watching it a lot everyone!

Abracadabra MV

Let’s have Draft King reach more and more people![/spoiler]


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