Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Let’s sing.

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Yesterday, and today have been focused on rehearsal.

This weekend is finally Osaka’s Hibikisai!!
I’m really happy that Draft King will be able to participate with all these great artists coming out at full force!
Osaka let’s enjoy ourselves!

And, a happy notification!

You can sing Draft King’s song “Abracadabra” at karaoke!!!

It seems it is under DAM indies so, everyone should definitely check.

I don’t normally go to karaoke but,
but I have to go and sing this.

I’m taking applications for whoever wants to go with me.

Or maybe Ill dare and go karaoke by myself. Lol

Everyone, sing it non-stop and enjoy yourself.

And, a live addition to July.
7/26 ( Saturday) Shibuya eggman!

It’s a birthday live for Ryuu-kun from Savannah!
I’ll have fun with a close friend,


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