Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Draft King Uploads New Videos

Yesterday it was reported that Draft King had removed several of their videos from their YouTube channel. This is a follow up to that article. Read it here.

Following the removal of their first four live videos and introduction video, Draft King has uploaded eight new live videos. All of the previous videos have been uploaded except “Surf N Sun,” while the other five are videos of other songs that most people have not heard or seen live yet (unless you live in Japan and follow Draft King). You can watch all of them below:



Also, it should be noted that the new version for “Mayonaka Merry-Go-Round” is actually the complete song. The previous video faded out right before the instrumental solos, which was strange since the first StageAce recording of the song was complete. So, now everyone can enjoy the full version of the song. However, it would seem that all of the videos were uploaded in very low quality, which limits the full experience. Why would they do this? That will probably remain a mystery.

Because most of the videos with Hiddy in them were replaced, it would seem that speculation in the previous article is accurate. As to why “Surf N Sun” was not uploaded could be explained by its existence on the track list for the compilation album GIRLS ROCK #SURF, which also features Draft King’s song Maboroshi. Both tracks contain Hiddy’s vocals, do not appear on Draft King’s first EP Just say u.r.?, and are not available on their YouTube channel. The only instance of Hiddy left is on Draft King’s Facebook page, where she is pictured on the earliest profile photos and cover photos, but that might change in the future. Everyone should download those images while they are still there. You have been warned.

What do you think? Is Draft King trying to write Hiddy out of their history? How do you feel about Draft King’s music? Let us know in the comments below.


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