Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Saitama Date.

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Today was hot too!

Draft King did early training, it was a very healthy rehearsal.

I dislike getting up early but,
since the sun is out longer during the summer
I get the feeling I can make use of it,
so, I’ll do my best. Lol

Yesterday I went on a date with Arippe to Saitama.

Arippe’s hometown Saitama!

Wanting to go to the rose garden we ended up at a train station called Yonohonmachi.

Walking down the road I thought,
is there really a rose garden in a place like this?
and then we reached it somehow. Lol

It had the feel of Alice in Wonderland.
I wonder if you’ll get it?
The image of running around from place to place in a rose garden. Lol

There were various roses, it was so pretty!

After that we went to Omiya,
and since it was too hot, we talked together inside. Lol

We ate waffles in a stylish Hawaiian café.

Then I was brought to a place that seems like Omiya’s Marukyu! Lol

Arippe and I are the same age so I feel like we understand each other and can talk about anything.
Having collected many things to talk about we were pretty pumped.

Man, it was interesting!!


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