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AIMI and Arai Hiroki to form new band!

It has just been announced that AIMI will be teaming up with Arai Hiroki once again to form a new band called “ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND“. They have an Official Website, Twitter and a Youtube Channel.


The band’s first Live, ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND「episode1: Infection」 will be on the 17th of August at the Shibuya WWW.

All of the song previews from the Homepage can be viewed on our Tumblr .

Here is the original article by translated by CrimsonKnight4;

Former Stereopony’s AIMI and former serial TV drama’s Arai Hiroki have formed a new band, ALiCE in UNDERGROUND. It has been revealed that on 8/17 at Tokyo WWW, they will hold a oneman live “episode1: Infection”.

After both of their bands dissolved in 2012 both AIMI and Arai have pursued solo activities. To those who are curious as to what sound these two in ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND can produce, try going to their live. On Lawson’s tickets, general sale begins quickly, with reservations for “episode1: Infection” being taken from tomorrow 5/9.

In addition alongside the announcement of the formation, gothic artist pictures and key visuals have been unveiled. On the newly opened official site, a teaser movie and music have also been revealed.

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  1. So she formed a band …?

  2. Thank you so much for the news.

    So, this will replace the Twinkle Communication!! thing??
    Or she’ll be doing the both things at the same time?

    • As far as we know, she will still be continuing with her solo activities such as the Twinkle Communication live. Seeing as both AIMI Official and ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND are managed by 1979FACTORY, it seems like she will be doing both at the same time. We will just have to wait and see!

  3. So she’s formed a new band?

    I didn’t think she could sing anymore due to throat stuff…