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4/28 Hiroshima Namiki Junction.

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Tokyo, I’m home!

And, thank you for yesterday Hiroshima Namiki Junction!

When I got to Hiroshima, I ate my beloved musashi onigiri.
It had a stable deliciousness.

And I was also happy that I could come back and do a live in Hiroshima.

On the KeyDora Night Tour, we went around together with key to Nagoya, Osaka, Hakata, Kokura, Hiroshima.

Everyone from ket, thank you!

key × Draft King in our pretense pose! Lol

Did everyone properly put on a pretense during this tour? Lol

This is really self-centered talk but,
I am trying to master an imitation of myka’s voice. Lol
(For now the only thing I cant do is myka doing an imitation of Masuo-san’s voice)

I thought it was great being able to go tour around with friends like this.
Because I went to various places, I also got some inspiration and meetings.

In May, we will blow away all the Tokyo lives until the tour finale!
It’s Golden Week so, let’s all play together at the Draft King lives!!!


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