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Just Say u.r.?

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With the one man safely having ended,
there are a lot of things I want to write about.
Since I have a surplus of time and feelings, I’ll write them at my pace.

(About the one man, the many lives leading towards the one man, about the MV, offshots, etc, etc)

Today I’ll talk about the CD.

It’s a CD full of Draft King’s confidence.

1st EP『Just Say u.r?』

Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to have kept you waiting!
Finally a CD that has Draft King’s confidence has been finished.

Besides playing music, CD’s are of course very important.
I’m really, really happy we were able to finish this CD.

I’ve been asked on Twitter or in lives, “You don’t have a CD?” or “You haven’t released one yet?” but, now I can finally answer boldly, with a smug look on my face.

Up until now the CDs I’ve released have been a matter of course.
But it wasn’t a matter of course this time, and I remembered the preciousness of CD’s.

Lately, in this convenient world, there are other routes you can take to listen to music but,
of course I love the medium of CD’s.
I don’t ever want to forget the joy of holding it in my hand or the excitement over the jacket design.

If Draft King’s CD brings everyone joy then I’ll be happy.

Right now you can only still get it at the live venues but, by all means, I want many people to get it.

(No, it’s not obvious that you can buy it at TSUTAYA or Tower Records. Lol)

Everyone who got it, how was it?
Tell me all your thoughts on the CD!

And then listen to it a lot!!

I wanted to do a song commentary too but, the blog is a bit long so I’ll do it later.


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