Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 36


The song “Wolf” first appeared in Stereopony’s eleventh single “Stand By Me”. The song is a cover of Serial TV Drama’s song.

The song is a very direct attack on a cowardly scheming person. Being like a lazy wolf and acting blindly to avoid a battle is the easy way out of a confrontation. This a direct shout-out to picking a fight.

Unlike Stereopony’s usual style, this is a superb fast-track song that really gets the listener going. The MV that goes with this song is red-toned, which adds to the raw power of this song as a whole. Aimi’s vocals in this one are particularly growlish while maintaining their raw emotions. The music makes your blood pulse in your ears.

So enjoy The 36th Song of the Week as you rise up and fight!


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