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5DK of Draft King, Vol. 7 (2013-10-01)

The following text is an English translated excerpt of the original interview by eggman. Read the full English translation on the Very Good Days Forum.

“Draft King’s 5DK ~ The Draft King meeting!!~” is already on their seventh!
On 8/10 [Saturday] at the one man live, the first mission was safely cleared, and heading towards the next mission we would like to follow their musical roots two at a time from this month’s edition onwards so that everyone can get to know them better. For this month’s edition we asked the guitarist MAO and the drummer SHIHO!!

Alright then, I would like to ask you two about your musical roots. SHIHO-chan was lured [into music] in your high school age right?

SHIHO: Well, even if you say “lured” it was more half-assed and against my will (Lol). “Anyways you should try and come to the studio for a bit because it’s great!!” I was brought in by something like that, there I saw a senior playing the drums and I thought it was cool so I started playing them and it was fun.


Did you form a band right away after that?

SHIHO: No, after that point it was fun just to play the drums for a while, I didn’t have enough awareness for such things as bands. Gradually those around me began to form bands and gradually I began to feel that way. I just continued to play the drums every day and as they say before I knew it night had come.


Did you originally have an interest in music?

SHIHO: No, not at all (Lol). I didn’t even know the difference between drums and bass (Lol). Also now that I think about it, I originally had no intention of going too that high school so it was really an amazing amount of coincidences that led to now. If I hadn’t been lured at that time then I definitely wouldn’t have done any music. I might have still been in Okinawa to this day.


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