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Stereopony in Space!

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On 18 September, 2013 at 4:10 AM GMT -5, live coverage of the Atlas 5 rocket launching the AEHF 3 communications spacecraft was shown on a livestream available on Spaceflight Now’s website here: link. The significance of this event is that the word “Stereopony” was written on the satellite by Very Good Days member and longtime Stereopony fan TonyTonyChoppa. The event has appropriately been dubbed as “Stereopony in Space.”

Tony is the Lead System Administrator of the group responsible for managing and overseeing the satellite’s electronics payload. Prior to his trip to Japan to watch Draft King and AIMI perform live and deliver our gifts, he briefly mentioned to me how he would be signing “Stereopony” on the satellite they were going to launch. Two months later, the crazy idea becomes a reality and has helped Stereopony reach new heights (yes, that pun was intended).

For those interested, Tony provided a brief explanation of the satellite’s purpose:

The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) system provides vastly improved global, survivable, highly secure, protected communications capabilities for strategic command and tactical warfighters operating on ground, sea and air platforms. The system also serves international partners including Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Additional information about AEHF is available on Wikipedia.

So, thanks to Tony, we can all look up into the sky at night and be certain that Stereopony is somewhere up there and will always be with us.


Very Good Days のメンバーで、もうずっとステレオポニーファンの 「トニートニーチョッパー」が、「AEHF 3」というアメリカの通信衛星に、「Stereopony」と書いちゃったんです。

※「AEHF 3」は、アメリカ空軍がアトラス V ロケットを使って、近日打ち上げる予定の通信衛星です。

トニーは、通信衛星を軌道に載せるためにコンピューター制御をする部門の、システム管理責任者をやっています。トニーが、僕らのお土産を持って、Draft KingとAIMIのライブを観に日本に行ったとき、その計画を僕に明かしてくれました。そしてその2ヶ月後、このクレイジーな思いつきは、現実になっちゃったんです!



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