Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Inside Story

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2 days have passed but I am still flooded with lingering memories of the one-man.

Thank you for such great times.

A story of right before the performance.

Since a fan gave us all some Red bulls we had a toast.


But, there were 5 in total but because there were 4 red bulls and one beer, as expected Ms. Someone wasn’t allowed to drink the day of the live. So she went to go drink without me. (I got a mouthful from her.)

Well, for a long time now I have been the type that doesn’t rely on drinks to be bestowed wings.
Or perhaps I should say I’m always growing them!
(Oops, I came out of my own little world. I should restrain myself like someone my age,, Lol)

I have said it many times but it was really fun.
But from here we are going to do more fun things!!!!!


While flooded with lingering memories, I had to face reality and figure out what to do with the boxes of goods that were delivered to my house. Lol


Thank you for your hard work with the packages in the heat Mr. Delivery man.


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