Saturday, December 16, 2017
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It’s sudden, geez.

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Yesterday night I was suddenly called out by Hinan-chu (Lol)

I went with Hinan-chu and Su-chan to the Mitama festival!

Hina-san is very sudden, seriously. Lol

But, with my shyness, because I’m more of the indoor type, things like inviting people is somewhat of a weak point
That’s why I don’t dislike friends’ sudden invites.
Rather I like them.
Tossing what I had to do, I left my place. Lol

It had been for years since I went up to Tokyo but I had never been to one of Tokyo’s festivals, so it was the first time I went to the Mitama festival

Lots of people! Lots of food carts!

There were about 100 times the food carts than local festivals
As expected, Tokyo is amazing


↑After we had eaten cucumber. Lol


The shaved ice was melon flavored after all.

It was sudden, but I am happy I was able to go!
I am fully enjoying summer!
Next I want to wear a yukata.

I want to keep making summer memories.
To that end I am resuming practice.



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