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Draft King just came back from Nagoya!

For the first time I used my ETC Card.
I made it 2 years ago, but as I never used it before, I was a bit nervous. But when I safely went through, there were cheers in the car (laugh).

Speaking of which, even though I don’t have a car in Tokyo, everyone was asking me why I even had an ETC card (laugh)
But it came in handy this time.

Arriving safely in Nagoya and doing our first live in Nagoya was a lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone who gathered at IMAKE 3star!

Those who waited for our first live and came to see us,
and those who came from faraway to see our first live,
Thank you! We’re very happy.

We are also doing lives together in Tokyo. It was a lot of fun doing lives with Yui Matsushita, and everyone in key.
Thanks for calling us.
It was a lot of fun dancing to Key and Yui-min’s live too♪

We also met the girls from dolls after a long time
They are all young, cute and great girls.
When I was in high-school, I don’t think I could’ve done such a grand live concert like them.
They were sparkling and fantastic.

Draft King、key、dolls
Yui-min had to go early so it was unfortunate she couldn’t be in it too.

Before the live, we all ate Miso Katsu at Yabaton

I like Miso Katsu, it’s delicious.

Doing the pose of the pig’s hand (A pose with my index finger and middle finger closed together)
That was the plan, but it was so unskilled, it’s no where near close (laugh).

With that feeling, Nagoya was a lot of fun!
I love it. I’ll definitely come again.
Because I have to return immediately, I couldn’t eat the chicken wings that I love. (laugh)
Actually no, of course I want to eat chicken wings, but also I will definitely come here again to do another live! It’s a promise!



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