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Girl band friends

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Yesterday I went with Shiho to zepp diver city to go see SCANDAL’s live performance!
It had been a while since we had gone to see SCA-chan’s live performance but it was awesome.
Every time we see the evolving SCA-chan we get motivation.

And as expected of the rain band! Lol
As expected. Amazing. Lol

We also met everyone from saisai, We were able to take a picture with the saisai pose I’ve always wanted to do!!

Yay! Im happy!
My saisai pose was definetly awkward, Lol

Hinanchu has black hair now so at first I didn’t know who it was
But it’s cute! Black hair fits her

A moving picture of Shiho and Aina sharing an umbrella! Lol

Nice couple! Lol

After the live performance Hinanchu invited me to go eat with Sachiko, Yuu, and Sayako from negoto.

Unexpectedly this was my first time meeting everyone from negoto
I think I might have met them back in the age of Sentou Riot, but I didn’t have a proper chance to meet them but now I finally have!

I’m happy that my friends from girl’s bands are increasing.
Everyone is connected!

In want to do a live performance with everyone
At a Korean restaurant an interesting clerk gave us a free ice cream
It was a salty ice cream with a mysterious taste

Kamsahaminida (Thank you in Korean)

Alright then, tomorrow is Draft King’s first live performance in Nagoya!
I’m really excited!!!
I really love Nagoya
I’m happy that I can do a live like this again in Nagoya.
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Nagoya!
Right now im waiting at 3 star pond!

You should get the new goods too!
A towel is a necessity you know.




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