Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Although the date changed to yesterday there was a live at Ebisu aim.

Everyone who came, thank you!

This was our second time at Ebisu aim.
As usual it was a nice space.

And, unbelievably they let Draft King do their first closing performance!
And unbelievably an encore as well,,,!
Truly, thank you!!

Because I didn’t think an encore would come, I am truly happy.
But, because we hadn’t prepared, we couldn’t do it, sorry..
Next time we will properly prepare!
So please give us another encore ok? Lol

Next, I, fell over quite flashily the other day,, I’m sorry I showed such a pitiful form at the live..
But I healed really fast, and I am entirely ok so there’s no need to worry!

It helped that I didn’t injure my fingers, which I use to play bass.
I will take care..

And that’s how it was at the live.

Kumamon!!! Lol

Its a mask!
Too cute!!! Lol

Masks like these get me excited.
That’s why I bought it.

But when I’m walking outside I’m looked at by the people around.
I wonder if pitiful has that meaning too,,,.
But I’m not bothered by stuff like that! Lol

Ah, but although I am from Nagasaki and its Kumamoto’s Kumamon, that does bother me a bit.
They’re in the same Kyushu! Fine!! Lol

The next live is on the 28th! The date is already tomorrow!!
It will be soon, soon! I’m looking forward to it!!

See you later.



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