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To all of you who have always supported us.

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To all of you who have always supported us.

To all of you who’ve supported Stereopony.

We’re very sorry to have shocked you with the sudden announcement.

We made you worry right.
We’re very sorry about it.

It’s because we’ve met and talked time and time again.

You worried a lot, it was painful.
But, I’ve always believed that there’s something ahead.

That’s why, let’s go ahead facing forward.

Right now, there are a lot of things that I want to convey but, it cannot be conveyed through words. First, I want to convey it to you straight from me.
Even though it’s a show, it’s defiantly not the same show, I want to see everyone.

We were also very worried over the setlist when we were deciding it.

On the 6th, there might also be songs that will be played for the last time.

The show is different from the CD. The enjoyment, the way you listen to it is different and I want to feel it.

And for me, a show is my favorite place.

It’s the place where I spend the best time with all of you who support us.

I love looking at everyone’s smiling faces at the show.

That’s why, I want to have a lot of fun with all of you at the show.

Even though that’s selfish, it’s quite like me.

It’s because we’ll deliver STEREOPONY till the end!!!!!!!!!!!
Please wait for us.

Best regards,


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