Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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It’s been a long time since the last update, but here we go.

(The one I wrote last night disappeared, and the one I wrote just before after waking up in the morning also disappeared. This is the third attempt, honestly T.T, but I won’t discouraged.)

A new band has been formed!!

It’s called “EVANPONY”

To knock them all out together with Avril Lavigne’s producer and guitarist, Evan Taubenfeld.
Well that’s the plan.

It’s a pretty rough explanation

I want to let everyone listen to the recording as soon as possible
It’s really cool, so have great expectations for it.

There is still a lot of mysteries surrounding Evanpony, but we thought of a lot of interesting things, look forward to it!

The hot days keep coming, but soon it will be autumn.

I want to wear knitted clothing!
I love summer the most, but it’s exciting when a new season comes isn’t it

The other day, during Pachi Pachi’s interview, I had a taste of autumn, I ate a Nashi Pear.

I brought it in a container, like a packed lunch~
They have been taking care of me since my debut, there is existence is like that of a mother (laugh)
Just like a mother taking care of her own child, they take care of me.
I’m happy.
They were delicious.

It’s Autumn, Autumn

But it looks like today will also be a hot day.

But that’s because today is the day of the Inazuma Rock Festival!

It’s our first live in the Shiga Prefecture, we are really looking forward to it!

Our performance starts at 13:50 on the Entertainer’s Stage
It’s a free performance, so anyone nearby in the area please come long for some fun!

People who cannot go can watch the live stream through Nico Nico, so even across the screen, let’s have some fun!

Let’s make it a fun day for everyone!



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