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I did some Spring Shopping!

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The Items I requested for last year at the World Wide Love exhibition have just arrived a little while ago..

The all colour Star dust sandals that I wanted very much
It’s thick soled so now I can be 150cms tall like I wanted to be!

Very spring like youthful footwear

But I still havn’t worn them and gone out.

And after that, it’s the CUTIE HolyCat reversable blouse that can’t be seen quite as well in the picture.
And even though it’s flashy it’s a DeadStar knit one-piece.

Even though it’s casual wear it tends to be very red so people over 30 end up thinking that we’re dressing up for Chirstmas.

Black and red combination is awesome! Best!! What the hell!
Spring and Summer have “cat monster” as the theme and people who love cats and monsters will have a good time.
Men’s wear is also available in OChantilly.

So that we can have fun on the tour the GodaGoda Star sneakers and bag that I bought has reached me and I’m happy.
Lately, I’ve been going out with my CandyStripper bag.

I have to put the MacBook in there and then leave.
Mr.Bag, I’m very sorry.

I like clear nails.
and I like sloppy handwriting.



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