Saturday, January 20, 2018
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I blog updated after a while..

Is everyone in good health?

Did you watch the other day’s Music Fair?

The summer’s festival for women as promised at Girl’s Factory “Shokodan Pony’s” its dreams came true!

Moreover, the collaboration piece with Rebecca’s Friends was really reminiscing when we played it for the first time live.
Moreover, this time, the composer for “friends” is collaborating with us and it is like a dream

In the talk, there was a question and answer corner. We asked Wada Akiko how she dealt with success(fame)? And how do I become tall?

Ms. Akiko were lined up(ranked up) with the typical captive alien that was amusing in the picture scene.

This time too, we had an exceedingly great time.

Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, we were in studio and for some reason, we had a Shamisen (3-stringed Japanese guitar).

Please look forward to more information that I can’t tell now!


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