Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Every day is a present

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Today I was supposed to have an all day coverage recording of comments on the radio and TV programs, and to be interviewed for magazines and web sites.

By the way, today PATI PATI is released in bookstores that includes the interview of “Arigatou”.
Have you got it?

I also received fan mail letters and gifts everyone sent me at the SONY building.

Thank you all for your letters written from within your heart.
The figures show me your heart.
And I got an item too.
I’ll wear it with care.

I tried to solve the puzzle in my spare time. Ha-ha.

I can get to know who wrote the letter because of the handwriting in case he sends me a lot.
Let me make a lot of lyrics describing my mind.

And this time, I was surprised to get the letter from outside of Japan.

So many messages from many different countries are on the full of the surface.
They are mostly written in English, but it’s OK. I can get a brief understanding.
Some difficult parts will be read after I learn English.

Anyway, I’m so happy you sent me your heart.
Your love for Stereopony, and the love is same with me.

Thanks, thanks so much.

Oh, by the way, check out the Stereopony Blog about SHIHO becoming to look like the celebrity Justin Beiber after she cut her hair.


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