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Original Entry |  The date has already changed but,, 11/11 was Bass Day! It has been more than 10 years since I started playing the bass. I did some dancing and piano when I was small (though I can’t play it now at all. Lol) I have always loved music but I never had any interest in something like bands, “What …

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11/5 Ciao Vella Tour Takahashi clubFLEEZ.


Original Entry |  Yesterday was the Ciao Bella Fall Tour at Takahashi clubFLEEZ, thank you very much to everyone who came. Both to myself and to Draft King, it was our first Gunma live. I’m so happy we could come thanks to Ciao Bella. Yesterday’s solo corner. The truth is we didn’t know who Robin-chan would pick until the performance, so …

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11/3 Ciao Bella Tour HEAVENS ROCK Saitama New City Center VJ-3.


Original Entry |  It’s turned out, that I only write blogs on days that there are live Sowwy. [Translator: Not a typo, baby speak] Today was, the Ciao Bella Fall Tour HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama New City Center VJ-3 Thank you very much! Today it turned out we had to take part in an emergency acoustic live. In a different style than …

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10/10 Shimokitazawa MOSAiC.


Original Entry |  This is late but, everyone who came to Shimokitazawa MOSAiC, thank you very much. NOHANA、SHIHO、MAO Draft King’s first live as just a 3 man. I was wondering how it would turn out but, But it turned out somehow. Lol Well, there was nothing but uneasy all over it was by no means perfects but, but, our feelings were …

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10/9 Ciao Bella Tour F.A.D YOKOHAMA.


Original Entry |  Ciao Bella Fall Tour F.A.D YOKOHAMA Thank you very much Today’s live was intense!! So I wouldn’t lose out to everyone’s intensity, my ponytails were whirling round and round. Lol When we play that song, I get excited and get more intense. After that Today, I was able to do a bass solo corner. My heart was beating …

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10/2 Ciao Bella Tour Kobe VOICE.


Original Entry |  Ciao Bella Tour Mito VOICE Thank you very much. well, the live house yesterday was hot, the sweat went all the way to my eyebrows. Even though its already October. And, Congratulations on your 24th birthday Hashimon♡ Yesterday’s live was the day before so my love for Hashimon overflowed so much that during the encore I just unilaterally …

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What I can do now.


Original Entry |  Next week is finally the Draft King-led live! Even though we don’t have a vocalist, we want to continue playing Draft King’s sound so we decided to hold this project live. So many great friends agreed to perform for Draft King which is in a pinch. I’ll introduce all of the performances today. Split BoB The truth is, …

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9/29 Shibuya eggman Draft King+1 LIVE Anyhow SHOW!!


Original Entry |  Yesterday was Draft King’s project Draft King + 1 LIVE Anyhow SHOW!! Everyone who came to Shibuya eggman Thank you very much! I don’t know how it will turn out, but we wont know until we try. It was with that thinking that we tried this project. It was more fun than I thought it would be, and …

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The first step.


Original Entry |  Tomorrow is the first Draft King live in a while. I’m looking forward to it, plain and simple!!! The preparations we made together with everyone in the studio were perfect. (Split BoB’s Koharu lives in Nagoya so we had to limit rehearsal to the day of) Once we actually got into the studio, I was surprised by how …

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9/24 Ciao Bella Tour Kashiwa PALOOZA.


Original Entry |  The Ciao Bella Fall Tour Kashiwa PALOOZA Thank you very much. A combo Mororin and MAO It was interesting. As the lives pile up we can see the various forms of the Ciao Bella members, and the way of their fans as well, depending on the venue, the band sound will ring differently. There’s no exact same live …

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